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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  August 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> welcome to cleveland 19 news at 6:00. we thought this could happen today and it is. we have severe weather that is happening right now. let's get right over toet mccloud in the first alert weather center. beth, we have some of these storms that are turning severe. so we have to give a heads up to everybody. >> on doppler max, watching a line of severe weather move from columbus into the ashland area, richland, morrow county, knox, crawford, mansfield, a heads up. a lot of this is heading towards the north-northeast. this interior thunderstorm box is active until about 7:00 p.m. tonight.
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will move right up i-71. mansfield, ashland, worcester, you'll catch a part of this. as we go through, i'll put a timer on this. ashland, you are at just before 6:30. these are moving awfully quick. the problem with these, they are putting down a ton of rain. if you have been watching, you have seen the flooding in kansas city. this is all part of the same city. through lakewood, rocky river and bay ag up i-90. i captured it on apple studio tv. look at the odot camera, taking a look -- go ahead, put up the apple tv. this is a live look at what the road conditions are like. this didn't even take long. you can see how flooded it is becoming. this is i-90 at cleg.
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going to be tricky. sandusky and ottawa had severe weather through the noontime. yet they are now dealing with more downpours, soaking almost the same area. a lot of boaters towards vermillion because it was tricky awes this moves up over eerie. the lightning tracker is on. if you hear the have to head inside. the line of showers and storms we'll watch come up through ashland. you can also tell towards the west there is heavier rain yet to come. so everybody could see something, if you live on the east side it should take a little bit longer. it is hot, it is steamy. there is not a lot of relief coming for tomorrow. i'll get you that forecast coming up. >> this appears to be an extreme case of road rage. a man is in jail tonight.
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he crashes into a car driven by a twinsburg woman. both survived the crash. but the woman died moments after the collision. witnesses tell our bill not from the impact of the crash but after being shot by the other driver at close range. >> there is one car flipped over right in front of our house and another car on the corner. >> this is the aftermath of a crash that unfolded at solen and mo crash, only one lived through what happened next. >> it is senseless. >> reporter: investigators are piecinging this together. what they know, the 29-year-old in his s.u.v. was heading eastbound when somehow around 7:30 this morning, he collided with that ford taurus that was heading northbound on richmond road. soon after this horrifying situation got worse.
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>> witnesses say the drive of the s.u.v. grabbed a rifle as he rolled out of his jeep. >> barbara is the woman you heard making that 911 call. >> he was just firing randomly. he was starting to wac up towards her car. >> after the first shot, i heard a woman scream out. >> they found a man in the vicinity with a he was taken into custody immediately. they found a female in the roadway who was the apparent victim of gunshot wounds. >> reporter: the victim has been identified as debbie pearl of twinsburg. >> pulls up and comes into the tape with us and he starts breaking down crying. we were like, sir, are you ok? he said that is my wife's car. she was on her way to work this morning. >> pearl worked at the original
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davidson dealer where her coworker and friends like her family are devastated, while the 29-year-old driver of the s.u.v. from north ridgefield waits in jail for his first court appearance. bill safos, cleveland 19. >> investigators shocked after a convicted prisoner jumped to his death after a court hearing. it happened handed down a 13-year prison sentence to a 42-year-old jackson bifrngwitz. he was convicted after shooting a man in the face last year. as he was taken out of the courtroom is when it happened. >> he reached out, he had his shirt and, of course, it wasn't
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if he hung onto the shirt, the officer would have went over with him. >> binkowitz made the approximately 100 foot fall. police investigating the murder of a 21-year-old man on the east side. it happened at east 123rd. police say maurice huff was shot and killed around mid-night. there are no suspects at this time. we'll bring you more information s police. >> another smash and grab in cleveland to tell you about. police say a stolen car was driven into the front of the family dollar on st. claire near east 103. it happened after 4:00 this morning. this comes days after 74 charges were filed against 11 suspects in connection with a string of smab and grabs throughout northeast ohio. >> cleveland 19 was, again,
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g. komen race today. an incredible event. denise helped out as emcee. nicole was there from start to finish. >> reporter: and they are off. survivors, their supporters racing for a cure. e >> we are running in memory of her and in honor of her. >> cancer is in my family. my grandmother had cancer. >> the survivors who have been cancer free for 25, 30 years and those who will fight forever. >> it is so wonderful, i can't believe it. i have never done this before. i love it.
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with stage 2 breast cancer. her team shelly soldiers, 79 strong, the largest of this year's race, raised $6,800 in the effort to find a cure. >> my friends, my coworkers and my family, honestly, they are my rock. i am not letting cancer kick my butt. >> this is a big event for people, means so much to them every year, celebrate another year of survivorship. it is the meaning do. >> their mission is not only to raise funds but to stress the importance of mammograms. >> constantly. . >> the joy, the triumph of crossing that finish line, what an inspirational, emotional day. we know the race continues to find a cure and end cancer
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people. more than 150 volunteers showed up to help for today's amazing event. >> our very own harry boomer hosted the 12th annual male wellness walk initiative. it is to bring awareness to health issues affecting african americans. the group has provided thousands of free screenings in ohio. >> coming up it is over and the kids are back in school. some parents are struggling to get their budget back in order after a summer of fun. we'll give you some tips on how to get your finances back on track. >> opt for teacher, it has been a debate for a long time. are attractive teachers beneficial to learning?
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>> you should know right now, there is a severe thunderstorm warning for richland county, the north central part of ohio, morrow county, knox county, parts of crawford county, ashland county as well as this line of storms is moving towards 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts, some hail. also what we are most concerned about is the heavy downpours. i'll put a tracker on this. this is tracking awfully quick. mansfield, 6:18. not too far away. lowdenville, 6:30. weller at 6:33. this is moving up towards the lake. ultimately, a lot of us will see rain. i'll get you updated on this in a minute.
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this. >> hillary clinton with a briefing on security threats. donald trump got a similar briefing earlier this month. he spent his campaign day in iowa. wendy jillett reports on today's events from new york. >> reporter: a police car led several vehicles into an fbi office in white plains, new york, where hillary clinton received her first national security briefing. the democratic presidential nominee attended the two hour briefing by herself, with no aide she got an overview with members from the office of the national intelligence. it was her only scheduled event of the day. republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke at a fundraiser in iowa, a state where polling shows the candidates are tied. it is a bright spot for him. trump is staying positive about his chances. >> we'll have a great victory on
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>> trump drew ire for his comments about the murder of nba star dwayne wade's first cousin in chicago. he tweeted dwayne wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying. african americans will vote trump. the tweet brought condemnation from those who said trump was politicizing a tragedy. trump later tweeted again offering his condolences and mentioned the murder at his rally. >> well, the heroin epidemic continues to take loved ones away from countless families in northeast ohio. one family is doing everything they can to combat the deadly disease of addiction. shanice is live where hundreds are expected to attend a rally. >> reporter: yeah, dan, good afternoon. this event is a heroin rally to bring awareness in this area, to
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this issue. a lot of people know heroin is a huge problem in ohio, across the state and especially here in lorraine. i spoke with a council man who said 21 people had suffered. here at the police department where this rally will be held, they carry nar can with them, the aibt dote to help people experiencing heroin overdoses. this rally comes at an important time, over 100 people expected portman. it will get started in about an hour at 7:00. again, the purpose of it to bring awareness to help people who are going through this issue find the support and the help they need. of course, unfortunately, a lot of mothers, parents and family members also dealing with the process of grieving from people they lost from heroin and helping others going through the same issue. we'll stay out here and bring you more from this rally, getting ready to get started at 7:00. for right now, getting answers
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>> thank you. cleveland 1 news is helping you spot the signs of heroin and opioid abuse. log onto, click on the your health tab for information. if you know someone wrapped up if heroin, it is imperative you get them help right away. >> summer is almost over and the kids are slowly getting back into their back to school routine. now you should have a minute, maybe two minutes to focus on order after a fun eventful summer. a lot of families overspend in the summer. now it is time to get your budget back on track in time for the holidays. but how? experts suggest you stop surfing all these retail sites and maybe go as far as to delete your information from the site to make it easier to stay away. christmas will come around sooner than you think. think about starting a holiday fund so you won't feel
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do a christmas shopping run. >> do students look good from good looking professors and teachers? did you say yes? researchers found students remembered more lectures given by professors they found attractive. one theory is students simply pay more attention and better attention when their teachers are pleasant to look at. >> doppler max. one of the problems we'll see is
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i'm beth mccloud. you should know there are severe storms out there. maybe not in your area but the risk for tonight is there. it is exactly almost correlates right to the radar. first things first, severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 7:00 p.m. for ashland, crawford, knox and richmond county. this is a quick moving system. it is soaking things in its path. this is just part of the line of storms coming through, if you
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head to the basement. lightning tracker is on, there are big winds. there is hail associated with this. north of there, not in the watch box, heavy rain coming down all around norwalk. this is all pushing towards vermillion. behind it is heavier rain coming all the way down close to the columbus area. all this ultimately will funnel right over the same area that got hit earlier this slowly but surely these -- this line of storms is moving off to the east. when i put the rainfall totals on for the next couple of hours, these are just estimates, i can't help but notice h this one towards lorraine that has already seen a lot of rain this afternoon, over an inch. this is just in a couple of hours. the interesting thing i'm most worried about, south of there, that's where the heaviest rain totals are adding up.
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downpours, thunder an lightning towards cleevend heights and richmond heights as well. heading out tonight, best bet is to carry an umbrella and to have a backup planner someplace you can run and get cover. the line of showers and storms is ultimately going to move up and over cleveland. downtown area could see rainshowers as early as 7:30 tonight but could continue all the way through midnight as a lot of h this rain drags across the area. behind all this, once the nicer days. today and tomorrow, not looking stellar. future view keeps that system in place through the overnight. overnight tonight after midnight, there will be a lull in the action. the heat and humidity will be on tomorrow which is only going to increase the chances of showers and storms in the afternoon. the heat index, i know it is hot out there. if you haven't gotten the rain yet, feels like 96 in akron.
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because they saw rain an hour ago. 68, along the lake shore, not a comfortable sleeping night. tomorrow another run at 0 degrees. there is a chance we'll see afternoon storms form. another day kind of like today, a mixed bag, mostly cloudy with a chance of some storms. this is the last 90 degree day at least for the next 11. we get a and gorgeous weather breaks out
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>> hugh jackson still looking for the first win. not ready for prime time with a loss. he said the sky isn't falling. what is falling, the hope that browns fans talked themselves into being different this time around. mark schwab is there with the fallout. >> things went absolutely horribly for the browns.
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they can say this is all sorts of time left and get it smoothed out. >> we didn't play as well. >> we didn't p play like i thin we can play. we have to go back and fix these things. we have to find out where the holes are and fix them. >> where we didn't do well. we know what we can do. we have to go out on play day and do it. >> i'm getting back out there.
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it. we have big changes. >> they can say all the right things but time is starting to move quickly. the opener is two weeks in philly. they have their work cut out for them. >> obviously, we hope things get better. >> tracking the severe weather, when will it hit cleveland? >> the downtown area, 7:30, 8:00. take your umbrella. what comes down will come down awfully heavy. youon i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china.
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jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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design, produce, and distribute captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's a busy saturday for the candidates. hillary clinton gets an intelligence briefing from the fbi. donald trump speaks to voters in the heartland. also tonight, a federal judge delivers a setback for north carolina's controversial bathroom law. in mississippi, an arrest in the murders of two nuns. what was the motive for the shocking crime? and, as italy mourns its earthquake victims, an expert says many american buidings are not quake-ready. this is the "cbs weekend news." non- good evening, i'm reena ninan. with the election nearly ten weeks away, national polls show


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